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Great News !!!

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2021 2018 2017 За все время

Great news !

Time put everything in its place and showed everyone who is who!

And I inform you that our company continues to work honestly and cooperate with the best manufacturers and reliable honest people!

As you know - "The best for the Friends from the Best Manufacturers !" is the motto of our company :F2dservice+" - and we together will make every effort to improve our service and guarantees!

Welcome to us our FRIENDS!

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay (the problem with the camera was) , but see more photos from this wonderful championship.

Thank you to all Australian friends for the warm welcome and the wonderful days spent with you together.

Two parts of the photo reportage you can see on my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/andrey.shkatov

The opening of a new store is holiday for every bothy and for first 100 buyers unique offer for purchases in the future!