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Bellcrank F2D
Bellcrank F2D
Bellcrank F2D

Bellcrank F2D

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2.65 USD

F2D Bellcrank version from YM Systems. The bellcrank is designed to get the best weight ratio and meet better small/medium human hand's size move requirements to get the optimum combat model controlability. The weight of the bellcrank is 1.9 grams (0.067 oz) which makes the bellcrank to be one of the best solutions for F2D combat planes.

The bellcrank is made of top grade tempered aluminum and then anodized. The bellcrank is computer designed and stress tested.

It's designed to have a swiveling/self-centering effect (the harder it pulls - the more it straighten out) helping to stabilize heavy tail balanced models while flying level.

Since it`s made of aluminum alloy the outside temperature doesn't affect the durability and also the item can be re-used a number of times compare to the plastic ones.

The bellcrank comes in six colors: Red, Blue, Black, Gold, Purple and Silver (non-anodized)

The thickness: 2mm

Weight is 1.9g