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Hook 1

Hook 1

Артикул: 1051
5.95 USD 5.5 USD

Industrial quality streamer hook made to combine it with a muffler holder as well.

The extended fitting rail makes it possible to use the hook for the most of the mufflers used at F2D market, from long (standard FORA muffler) to short (MS muffler). The shaped split ring re-worked to give more chances for the streamer ring to stay on at all maneuverings, also the shape is done the way to provide double click snap-on which provides more secure connection too. As a bonus the muffler holding wire is S-shaped to give more room to adjust muffler position if needed.

The material is high carbon steel solid wire, blue zinc plated, which makes the device corrosion resistant, quick and smooth snap streamer ring hook up and just gives the model very nice and professional look.

The wire diameter is 2mm (0.079")

Weight is 6.3 gram (0.222 oz)